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Excellence is very often the consequence of a peculiar attitude to work. Ours is a unique mix of values and distinction points leading to very specific recipes and outstanding results, both in terms of strategy and competitiveness.


The company's strategy has always been founded on vertical integration. And this, to obtain synergies and competitive advantages in the supply chain, joint production technologies and final markets. In fact, we are the only company that has in depth knowledge in the whole process: starting from Carob Pods’ production, all through Carob Kibbling, Locust Bean Gum production and Functional Systems based on LBG like, for example, Ice cream Stabilizers or Sauces Texturant Systems.


It's the key word. Since the beginning, we have been concentrating our investments on the innovation in every aspect of the manufacturing process:

Technology, with the maximum of automation as we believe in standardization, lower production costs and reduced cross contamination risks.

Food safety, with our chemical free Locust Bean Gum production and revolutionary Blendtech Blending Plant which upgrades the usual standards to pharma ones. We have always believed naturalness is the future of the food industry.

Organization, with our lean, flexible, efficient structure. Almost unbelievable, if you think we deal with more than 70 countries worldwide.