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When you deal with food systems, you need someone you can rely on. It's more than doing business. It's true partnership. That's what we had in mind when we created our new SOLMIX® Food Systems Division for designing and producing Functional Systems that mainly deals with Stabilizing and Texturizing Systems of Emulsifiers, Hydrocolloids and other Functional Ingredients. We are pleased to share our great technical and market experience in Locust Bean Gum for applications where it is mainly used: Ice Cream, Sauces and Dressings, Dairy.

But remarkable investments in technological premises, pharma standard accuracy in pre and tailor-made mixes, advanced automation processes, nearly 100% traceability and food safety were not enough. We wanted to give you more.

So we gave life to a brand new Research and Development Centre, to constantly deliver brilliant and innovative ideas. We put together a smart Technical Team, who will closely cooperate with you to customize solutions  for your brand. We have installed a new Lab and a Pilot Plant to produce Texturants and Stabilizing premixes and tailor made food systems for Ice creams and Sauces and in other key applications. Finally, we optimized manufacturing process technologies to lower production costs.

Please contact our Technical Service team to design your tailor made SOLMIX®.