carob pods trading Locust Bean Gum plant Factory and R&D centre Factory and R&D centre

1955: Licitra family starts its activity in carob pods trading with its first storage facility in South Eastern Sicily.

1980: Construction of the Carob Pods Kibbling Plant at Genisi, Ragusa. In few years the company becomes the most important carob seed supplier in Italy.

2001: LBG Sicilia was founded. Construction of the most innovative Locust Bean Gum Plant, in the industrial area of Ragusa. The company becomes soon one of the protagonists in LBG market and, in 2012, is the second producer per volume worldwide.

2013: Expansion of LBG Sicilia activities in Functional Systems and Contract Blending Service business. In May 2013 the company completes an important investment started in 2011, improves its Locust Bean Gum production capacity and creates a masterpiece of technology with the new Factory and R&D Centre to produce functional systems and offer contract blending service. The goal is to upgrade the technology and food safety standards of food ingredients blends.